Top Rated Illusions

Autokinetic Illusion
(663 votes)
Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion
(1026 votes)
Mask of Love
(1492 votes)
Impossible motion: magnet-like slopes
(1751 votes)
The break of the curveball
(2130 votes)
Ambiguous Garage Roof
(405 votes)
Coffer Illusion
(282 votes)
Filling in the Afterimage after the Image
(247 votes)
Two sinusoids: 6 – 1 perceptions
(704 votes)
Smooth pursuit motion suppression
(404 votes)
Splitting Colors
(275 votes)
Swimmers, Eels and Other Gradient-Gradient Illusions
(182 votes)
Motion-Illusion Building Blocks
(136 votes)
Perpetual Collisions
(134 votes)
Grouping by Contrast
(1297 votes)
Healing Grid
(237 votes)
Dynamic Luminance-Gradient Effect
(208 votes)
The illusion of sex
(1008 votes)
The Leaning Tower Illusion
(196 votes)
Tusi or not Tusi
(123 votes)
ECVP Waves
(297 votes)
Pigeon-Neck Illusion
(210 votes)
Counter-intuitive illusory contours
(401 votes)
Snow Blind illusion
(183 votes)
Rolling Eyes on a Hollow Mask
(128 votes)
Silhouette Zoetrope
(342 votes)
The Mutually Interfering Shapes Illusion (The MISillusion)
(218 votes)
Bouncing Brains
(113 votes)
Illusions from rotating rings
(476 votes)
Another turn: a variant on the Shepard tabletop illusion
(231 votes)
The Infinite Regress Illusion
(97 votes)
The Spinning Disks Illusion
(61 votes)
Kaleidoscopic Motion and Velocity Illusions
(52 votes)
The Bar-Cross-Ellipse Illusion
(52 votes)
Steel Magnolias and Breeze in the Trees Illusions
(36 votes)
The Illusory Contoured Tilting Pyramid
(101 votes)
Two-Stroke Apparent Motion
(86 votes)
’Weaves’ and the Hermann Grid
(35 votes)
Clones and Donors Have Opposite Inclinations (in Vision)
(31 votes)
The monkey-business illusion
(465 votes)
Attention-biased after-image rivalry
(287 votes)
Remote Controls
(269 votes)
When Pretty Girls Turn Ugly: The Flashed Face Distortion Effect
(196 votes)
Pinball Wizard
(84 votes)
Three-fold cubes: An object whose form can be interpreted in three different ways
(60 votes)
The Freezing Rotation Illusion
(49 votes)
The Dynamic Ebbinghaus
(312 votes)
Drifting Background Illusion
(47 votes)
It's a Circle, Honest!
(30 votes)
Motion Integration Unleashed: New Tricks for an Old Dog
(454 votes)
A Turn in the Road
(252 votes)
The Day it Rained on Lowry
(213 votes)
Age is all in your head
(188 votes)
The Wandering Circles
(160 votes)
Illusion of Height Contradiction
(155 votes)
Hybrid Motion and the Integration of Motion Elements
(118 votes)
Attention-Induced Brightness Changes
(36 votes)
The third hand illusion
(151 votes)
World's Largest Lightness Illusion
(60 votes)
The Coyote Illusion: Motion Blur Increases Apparent Speed
(38 votes)
Color dove illusion
(738 votes)
Contrast color induced by unconscious surround
(306 votes)
Tube illusion
(157 votes)
Elusive Arch
(73 votes)
Where Has All the Motion Gone?
(35 votes)
Gradient-Offset Induced Motion
(25 votes)
Caught Inside A Bubble
(251 votes)
Catching Patches
(26 votes)
Tilt illusion
(178 votes)
Mind-controlled motion
(158 votes)
Flexible colors
(216 votes)
The Disappearing Hand Trick
(149 votes)
Infinite Maze
(131 votes)
The colored dot/peripheral vs. central vision
(62 votes)
Rotating by Scaling
(47 votes)
Dynamic Size Contrast Illusion
(29 votes)
Stereo Rotation Standstill
(21 votes)
The fat face thin (fft) illusion
(266 votes)
Skyscrapers and Clouds
(64 votes)
Star Wars Scroll Illusion
(168 votes)
Jenkins: Ghostly Gaze
(102 votes)
Backscroll Illusion
(31 votes)
Floating Star
(102 votes)
Attentional modulation of perceived color
(25 votes)
The Exchange of Features, Textures and Faces
(386 votes)
A New Illusion At Your Elbow
(199 votes)
Sinha: Hidden Strength of the Classical Simultaneous Contrast Illusion
(72 votes)
Stereo vision produces new illusory contours!
(261 votes)
Disambiguating #theDress
(151 votes)
Yang’s Iris Illusion
(81 votes)
Color Wagon Wheel
(108 votes)
Rotation Generated by Translation
(105 votes)
Dramatically Different Percepts between Foveal and Peripheral Vision
(74 votes)
Silencing awareness of change by background motion
(1205 votes)
The Honeycomb Illusion
(137 votes)
Exorcist Illusion - Twisting Necks
(72 votes)
Through the Eyes of Giants
(69 votes)
Peripheral Action Phantom Illusion
(41 votes)
The Disappearing Faces Illusion
(121 votes)
Stretching out in the tub
(316 votes)
Lights and Darks in Vision
(147 votes)
The Windmill Illusion
(41 votes)
The Knobby Sphere Illusion
(26 votes)
Attention-induced motion displacement
(259 votes)
Dancing Diamond
(25 votes)
The blurry heart illusion
(282 votes)
The steerable spiral
(212 votes)
(199 votes)
The Occlusion Velocity Illusion
(22 votes)
The more-or-less morphing face illusion
(537 votes)
Cubistic lands
(301 votes)
The Loch Ness Aftereffect
(829 votes)
The Shrunken Finger Illusion
(154 votes)
Illusory gloss
(240 votes)
The Disappearing Smoke – Disappearing Pleasure!
(38 votes)
Fishbone Tactile Illusion
(274 votes)
The Dalesmen Singers Illusion
(237 votes)
Rotating McThatcher Illusion
(180 votes)
Impossible Illusory Triangle
(363 votes)
Head Size Illusion
(99 votes)
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