Submission instructions

Illusion Contestants are invited to submit novel illusions (unpublished, or published no earlier than 2013) of all sensory modalities (visual, auditory, etc.) in standard image, movie or html formats. An international panel of impartial judges will rate the submissions and narrow them to the top ten. Then, at the Contest Gala in Naples, the top ten illusionists will present their contributions and the attendees of the event (that means you!) will vote to pick the TOP THREE WINNERS!

The renowned sculptor and artist, Guido Moretti, has created three amazing works of art to serve as trophies for the TOP THREE winners!

Illusions submitted to previous editions of the contest can be re-submitted to the 2014 contest, as long as they meet the above requirements and were not among the top three winners in previous years.

Submissions will be held in strict confidence by the panel of judges and the authors/creators will retain full copyright. No illusions will be posted on the illusion contest’s website without the creators’ explicit permission. As with submitting your work to any scientific conference, participating in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest does not preclude you from also submitting your work for publication elsewhere.

Submissions can be sent to Dr. Susana Martinez-Conde (President, Neural Correlate Society) via email ( until March 1, 2014. Illusion submissions should come with a (no more than) one-page description of the illusion and its theoretical underpinnings (if known). Illusions will be rated according to:

  • Significance to our understanding of the human mind and brain
  • Simplicity of the description
  • Sheer beauty
  • Counterintuitive quality
  • Spectacularity

Please note that the Best Illusion of the Year Contest is an Official Satellite of the VSS meeting: submitting illusions to the Contest does not preclude you from abstract submission to the VSS meeting, or vice versa.

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