Renowned sculptor Guido Moretti has donated the trophies (First, Second and Third prizes) for this year’s contest (

“I have always loved drawings that evoke three-dimensional figures. Drawings creating the illusion of an “absurd solid” have always attracted me. The drawing of a cube in perspective creates the illusion of a three-dimensional cube. If I transfer this or that drawing of another solid onto the sides of a “real” cube and apply the orthogonal intersection method, the result is a sculpture that is like no other known geometrical solid but which, when observed from two perpendicular directions LOOKS JUST LIKE A CUBE, A PYRAMID OR ANOTHER KNOWN OR ABSURD SOLID. This means that three observers in three different points would see three different solids.”
Guido Moretti

This is the full-size version of the “Cubosfera”, 2011 trophie:

Guido Moretti’s exclusively designed trophies for the 2009 Contest, they change shape when you rotate them…!

See Moretti working on all the different stages of the 2007 trophies’ creation

“Three-bar Cube” (2006 first prize) from 3 different views: