The Poggendorff Triangles

Gideon Paul Caplovitz, Eleanor Caplovitz, Evelyn Caplovitz, Original Music by Jean-Paul Perrotte – “The Poggendorff Triangles

Author description: The Poggendorff Triangles highlights the neural processes by which our brains represent partially occluded objects. The illusion reveals an interaction between two classic phenomena: The Poggendorff Illusion in which misaligned segments of a partially occluded line can appear collinear, and the formation of Illusory Contours. While we are unlikely to experience the illusion in our everyday lives, the neural mechanisms underlying the illusion contribute to how we experience the occluded portions of an object despite not being visible. My daughters and I accidentally discovered the illusion while I was teaching them how to draw and manipulate shapes on the computer.

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