Crocs & Socks

Pascal Wallisch & Michael Karlovich – “Crocs & Socks”
Institution: Central for Data Science, Department of Psychology and Center for Neural Science at New York University” for Pascal allisch “Recursia Studios” for Michael Karlovich.

Author description:  This illusion demonstrates – for the first time – the role of beliefs in color perception. In the “Crocs & Socks”, under normal lighting conditions all people see the Crocs as pink. When put under green light, most people see the same Crocs as grey. However, some people – those that believe the socks are white, even though they appear green – are able to look past appearances and see the Crocs as pink, just like they did under regular light. Amazingly, when we make the socks actually white, people agree that the Crocs are grey, illustrating the power of assumptions.

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