Dynamic Size Contrast Illusion

Gideon Caplovitz and Ryan Mruczek
University of Nevada Reno, USA, and Swarthmore College, USA

The size of a moving object can be radically misperceived when the viewer”s eyes are moving and the background against which it is moving is itself changing size. When the background is growing the object will appear to shrink. Conversely, when the background is shrinking the object will appear
to grow.

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adminDynamic Size Contrast Illusion

The Exchange of Features, Textures and Faces

Arthur Shapiro & Gideon Caplovitz
American University, USA, University of Reno, USA
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The binding problem is a fundamental issue in neuroscience. The term refers to the fact that the brain processes color, motion, and other visual features separately and in parallel, yet our perception is of a unified world, populated by coherent objects. Here we investigate the binding problem with illusions that show—rather dramatically—that features can bind and rebind to moving objects. We show that this effect depends on the color of the background and on whether observers view the illusions centrally or peripherally.

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adminThe Exchange of Features, Textures and Faces

The Bar-Cross-Ellipse Illusion

2006 Third prize
Gideon Caplovitz & Peter Tse

Dartmouth College, USA

Here we present a new multistable stimulus generated by continuously rotating an ellipse behind four fixed occluders. Observers can perceive one of four percepts: (1) a continuously morphing cross, (2) two independent perpendicular bars oscillating in depth, (3) a rigidly rotating ellipse observed behind the occluders, or (4) a fixed cross observed through a continuously rotating, elliptical aperture.

The bar – cross – ellipse illusion: Alternating percepts of rigid and nonrigid motion based on contour ownership and trackable feature assignment Gideon P. Caplovitz & Peter U. Tse Perception. 2006. 35:993-7

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adminThe Bar-Cross-Ellipse Illusion